tvOS & Swift 2: The Apple TV Developer Course

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88 Lessons (17h)

  • Getting To Grips With tvOS
    Purchasing a Developer Licence
    Download and Installing Xcode 7
    Create, Download and Install Certificates
    Creating an App ID
    tvOS Project Types, What's Best For Me?
    What are Classes, InfoPLists and Delegates?
    Using the tvOS Interface Builder
    Viewable tvOS Interface builder
    Building on the tvOS Simulator
    Building to a Real tvOS Device
    Creating and Using Variables
    Creating and Populating Arrays
    Creating and Triggering Functions
    Creating Actions and Outlets
    End of Section 1 Quiz
  • Understanding tvOS Functions
    Section 2 Introduction
    tvOS App 1: Creating a Hello World Application
    Displaying Text
    Using UITextFields
    Changing Text Properties
    Displaying External Custom Fonts
    Using If Statements
    Creating NSTimers Counters
    Displaying the Time and Date
    tvOS App 2: Traffic Lights - Reaction Game Part 1
    tvOS App 2: Traffic Lights - Reaction Game Part 2
    Fading Objects In and Out
    Hiding and Revealing Objects
    Enabling and Disabling Objects
    tvOS App 3: Tap Me Fast - Tapping Game
    Creating a Random Number Generator
    Creating a Random Word Generator
    tvOS App 4: Yo Momma Jokes - Joke Generator
    End of Section 2 Quiz
  • Creating tvOS Actions
    Section 3 Introduction
    Using UISegmentedControls
    tvOS App 5: Digital Clock Application
    Displaying UIActionSheets
    tvOS App 6: Temperature Conversion Calculator
    Triggering and Using Delayed Actions
    tvOS App 7: Calculator Application
    End of Section 3 Quiz
  • Getting A Good View In tvOS
    Section 4 Introduction
    Displaying UIViews
    Controlling UIScrollViews
    Displaying UIAlertViews
    Switching Views in Storyboards
    Switching to a XIB View
    End of Section 4 Quiz
  • Making The tvOS App Look And Sound Clean
    Section 5 Introduction
    Importing Files
    Displaying Images
    Changing Images - Mini Image Gallery
    Adding Images To Buttons
    Focused Custom Image Buttons
    Displaying Images From URL'S
    tvOS App 8: Snap Attack Game
    Changing the Background Colour
    Displaying and Playing Animations
    Adding Styling Options to Objects
    tvOS App 9: Image Gallery - Creating the Collection View Part 1
    tvOS App 9: Image Gallery - Focused Image Cells Image Part 2
    tvOS App 9: Image Gallery - Displaying the Detailed Image Part 3
    Creating App Icons Layers
    Adding App Icon Layers
    Creating and Displaying a Top Shelf Image
    Creating and Displaying a Loading Screen
    Playing a Local Sound File
    tvOS App 10: Animal Soundboard Application
    Playing a Local Video File
    Streaming a Video File
    End of Section 5 Quiz
  • Creating A tvOS Table View Application
    Section 6 Introduction
    tvOS App 11: Table View - Populating a Table View Part 1
    tvOS App 11: Table View - Pushing to a Detail View Part 2
    tvOS App 11: Table View - Populating a Detail View Part 3
    tvOS App 11: Table View - Image Gallery Part 4
    tvOS App 11: Table View - Customising The Table View Part 5
    End of Section 6 Quiz
  • Creating A tvOS Tab Bar Application
    Section 7 Introduction
    tvOS App 12: Tab Bar Application - Set Up Part 1
    tvOS App 12: Tab Bar Application - Adding Table Views Part 2
    tvOS App 12: Tab Bar Application - Fixed Tab Headers Part 3
    tvOS App 12: Tab Bar Application - Customising The Tab Bar Part 4
    End of Section 7 Quiz
  • Core Data - Creating tvOS Databases
    Section 8 Introduction
    tvOS App 13: Database - Creating a Database Part 1
    tvOS App 13: Database - Adding Data Part 2
    tvOS App 13: Database - Editing Data Part 3
    tvOS App 13: Database - Deleting Data Part 4
    End of Section 8 Quiz
  • Submitting And Publishing Your tvOS App!
    Section 9 Introduction
    Preparing your App for Submission
    Uploading your App to the App Store
    You Did It!

Capitalize on the New Apple TV Features & Start Building Amazing Apps from Scratch

Geeky Lemon

Aaron Caines is the founder of Geeky Lemon Development. Aaron started programming at a young age, experimenting with HTML and website design. He has been programming full time for the past five years, creating a vast array of apps for iOS, with many more currently in development. Since late 2010, Aaron started to create online video tutorials teaching the art of iOS development, and feels the same satisfaction from this as he does when making his own iOS apps. For more details on this course and instructor, click here. This course is hosted by StackSkills, the premier eLearning destination for discovering top-shelf courses on everything from coding—to business—to fitness, and beyond!


Even if you’ve never programmed a day in your life, you’ll have created 13 real tvOS apps by the end of this course. The instructor provides ground-up training in both Swift 2 and tvOS development, and even dives into how to submit your shiny new app to the App Store. And since the course is online and accessible 24/7, you can work it into your already-busy schedule.

  • Understand the process of creating applications w/ 17 hours of instruction
  • Create everything from fun game apps to powerful utility apps
  • Study tvOS Focused Engine, Native Application Controls, Storyboards & nib File support
  • Learn to incorprate images & sounds
  • Learn Swift 2 & tvOS coding from scratch
  • Create 13 tvOS applications throughout the course
  • Submit your app to the App Store when you’re done


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


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